Police union GdP considers the last generation to be a criminal organization

Police union GdP considers the last generation to be a criminal organization

The climate protests of the last generation are increasingly becoming the subject of a legal dispute. The question is whether the activists should be considered a criminal organization and should be punished accordingly. For the police union, the case is clear.

The police union GdP in Berlin has welcomed the fact that the new Senator for Justice Felor Badenberg (independent) is checking whether the climate group Last Generation is a criminal organization. “The public prosecutor’s office said that you have to check again and again whether it’s a criminal organization and it’s also part of the judiciary’s area of ​​responsibility to see who you’re actually dealing with,” she said Union at the request of the German Press Agency.

It goes on to say: “As far as we know, we are dealing with a hierarchically organized criminal organization that has been committing crimes in the capital for more than a year and has become even more militant in guerrilla actions in recent weeks.”

The GdP met last Monday with representatives of the last generation. It has become clear “that the three central demands are only made hypocritically, that it is not really about sensible measures for more climate protection, but primarily about discrediting democratic processes and institutions,” criticized the union. This divides our society and endangers our democratic coexistence.

Berlin senator has checked: last generation criminal group?

Justice Senator Badenberg told the DPA on Saturday that the activities of the climate demonstrators had significantly affected and sometimes even endangered the lives and everyday lives of people in Berlin. “It is therefore important to exhaust all legal options, and that includes the question of whether the Last Generation is a ‘criminal organization’.”

The Berlin public prosecutor’s office had so far seen no evidence of this. The legal assessment is subject to “a permanent reassessment,” said a spokeswoman for the authorities on Saturday.

The Last Generation group has been drawing attention to the consequences of climate change with sit-ins since 2022. In recent weeks, climate activists have intensified their protests on the streets of Berlin. Hundreds of police officers are regularly deployed to break up blockades.

Source: Stern

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