Traffic light coalition: Greens warn FDP against blockade of heating law

Traffic light coalition: Greens warn FDP against blockade of heating law

Actually, the planned law on the replacement of old oil and gas heating systems should come this week in the Bundestag. But further Zoff in the government camp could prevent that.

The Greens have warned the FDP not to put the building energy law on the agenda of the Bundestag this week. With a blockade, the FDP would show “that it is not primarily concerned with questions of content, but with profiling for its own sake,” said the parliamentary director Irene Mihalic of the editorial network Germany according to the advance notice.

The decision on whether the bill will go to Parliament for the first reading this week is expected to be made today. If this does not happen, the probability that it will be adopted before the summer break decreases.

The FDP parliamentary group is pushing for a completely new heating law and does not want to negotiate the existing draft in the Bundestag as planned. “A law that interferes so deeply with people’s freedom of choice cannot be discussed at a gallop,” said the Liberal spokesman on energy policy, Michael Kruse, to the “Tagesspiegel”. Fundamental changes are necessary. “Minister Habeck should therefore present a new draft based on the coalition agreement – and not on the Greens’ election program.”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) had recently urged speed. Scholz expects “that the Bundestag will now discuss the draft law with the necessary thoroughness, but also quickly,” said his spokesman on Monday.

SPD leader Saskia Esken said on RTL “Direkt” on Monday evening that the population can rely on “that we design this law in such a way that it is practicable”. People should “be able to afford what we ask of them.” She emphasized that tenants must be protected against high costs when replacing the heating system. “Excessive rent increases must actually be prevented. That means we will limit the apportionability of these investments.”

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