The changes that Demichelis plans for a crucial duel of River in the Copa Libertadores

The changes that Demichelis plans for a crucial duel of River in the Copa Libertadores

the midfielder Nicolás de La Cruz will arrive without problems to play on Thursday for the River team against Sporting Cristal in Peru for the Copa Libertadoreswhile the central defender Emanuel Mammana is in doubt, after training in the Más Monumental.

De la Cruz and Mammana They suffer from synovitis and that is why they were not among those called up to play against Platense, but while the Uruguayan midfielder this morning trained at the same time, the defender was with different tasks.

Coach Martin Demichelis assured in the press conference after the 2-1 victory against “Calamar” that From the cross He will play against the Peruvian team and now it remains to decide who will be the replacement in Lima for the suspended Leandro Gonzalez Pirez.

yes this tuesday mammana cannot train normally, the defense will be the same one that played against Platense with the income of Robert Rojas as the first center marker.

The other alternatives, with fewer possibilities, are to play Jonathan Maidana -who was not on the substitute bench yesterday- or that he run to the central defense Enzo Diaz and Milton Casco play left back, as happened in the first dates.

On the other hand, the possibility of him playing Miguel Borja starting with Lucas Beltrán in the offense is linked to the departure of one of the usual midfielders and although the coach did not rule it out, he would have to leave the team Rodrigo Aliendro.

Therefore, the possible eleven to face Sporting Cristal on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. would be with: Franco Armani; Casco, Rojas, Paulo Diaz and Enzo Diaz; Enzo Perez and Aliendro; De la Cruz, Barco and Ignacio Fernández; Borja or Beltran.

With this panorama, the “millionaire” team trained this afternoon at the stadium -after staying focused after the victory against Platense- with regenerative tasks for those who played last night and ball work in reduced spaces for the rest of the squad.

The team will train tomorrow at the River Camp in Ezeiza and on Wednesday, after morning practice, the squad will travel to Peru on a scheduled flight for the match against the “brewer” from Lima, for the fourth date of the group stage of the Libertadores Cup.

River is obliged to win so that the move to the round of 16 of the Libertadores does not depend on other results, since it is last in Group D with 3 points and a goal difference of -4, product of the defeats as a visitor against Fluminense (5 -1) and The Strongest from Bolivia (3-1), and a victory against Sporting Cristal at home.

In order to achieve the pass as first in the group, River, in addition to winning the three remaining commitments, will depend on the Rio de Janeiro team losing at the height of La Paz in the game on Thursday, and then defeating it on June 7 in Núñez with a good goal difference.

River will close the local group stage against The Strongest on June 27 and if they get a pass to the final rounds they will have a month-long break in the Libertadores, in the final leg of the Professional Soccer League.

Finally, the players who come from operations and will be available for the second part of the year are Bruno Zuculini, David Martínez and Tomás Lecanda, who have carried out different field tasks in recent weeks.

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