Ukraine: Putin congratulates Erdogan – and keeps bombing Kiev

Ukraine: Putin congratulates Erdogan – and keeps bombing Kiev

The heavy attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kiev continued on Monday night. While Selenskyj is confident of victory, Putin sends congratulations to Turkey.

Russia has again attacked Ukraine with dozens of rockets and cruise missiles. More than 40 Russian missiles were shot down over Kiev alone on Monday night, the military administration of the Ukrainian capital said in the morning.

As a result, no one was killed or injured. Explosions were also reported from other regions. According to its own statements, the Ukrainian Air Force fended off 29 combat drones and 37 cruise missiles nationwide.

The latest attacks follow the heaviest drone shelling in months that Russia slammed into the neighboring country over the weekend. On Sunday night, Ukraine registered a record number of 54 kamikaze drones fired. There were dead and injured – including in Kiev.

Selenskyj is still confident of victory

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was demonstratively confident of victory. “Kiev and all our cities, all of our Ukraine will put an end to the history of Moscow despotism, which has enslaved many different peoples for a very long time,” he said in his evening video address on Sunday.

The head of state was not seen in a screened-off room, as is usual, but in the evening light on the street in front of the president’s office in Kiev. The outdoor performance on the day of Kiev’s city birthday should also have been a sign to Moscow that the Ukrainians don’t want to be frightened.

The night before, Russia had launched one of the heaviest drone strikes in months against Ukraine. A record number of 54 kamikaze drones were registered, the press service of the Ukrainian Air Force announced on Telegram on Sunday morning.

Although according to the authorities 52 of the unmanned aerial vehicles could be shot down, there was one dead and one injured. The attack was mainly aimed at the capital Kiev, but several residential buildings in the city of Zhytomyr were also hit.

Ukraine restricts cooperation with Iran

Against the background of the ongoing drone attacks, Zelenskyy has introduced 50-year sanctions against Iran. This was reported by the state news agency Unian on Sunday, with reference to a legislative initiative by the president that had been received in the Ukrainian parliament. Trade in military equipment and so-called dual-use goods, which can be used for civil and military purposes, are to be banned.

In addition, Ukraine also wants to end its economic and financial obligations to Iran and stop the export of capital to the Islamic Republic. A ban on technology transfer and investments in Iran is also proposed. The Ukrainian parliament is expected to approve the decision, which has already been approved by the National Security Council.

Ukraine accuses Iran of arms aid to Russia. It is said that Moscow mainly uses Iranian-type Shahed drones for its attacks. Iran denies this.

Putin congratulates Erdogan on his re-election

Meanwhile, both Zelenskyy and Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin congratulated Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan on his re-election. Putin congratulated his colleague before the end of the vote count. “The election victory was the legitimate result of your selfless work as the head of state of the Turkish Republic,” said the Kremlin’s congratulatory telegram published on Sunday. The election victory also demonstrates the support of the Turkish people for the course of “national sovereignty and independent foreign policy”.

Putin thanked Erdogan for building good bilateral relations between the two countries. Russia is ready to continue cooperation on both bilateral and international issues, the head of the Kremlin assured.

Turkey is an important partner for Russia in view of Western sanctions. In Moscow, there were fears that if the opposition won the elections, Turkey would orient itself more towards the West – and thus increase Russia’s international isolation.

Steinmeier visits Ukraine’s neighbor Lithuania

However, Turkey maintains good relations not only with Russia but also with Ukraine in the war. With the mediation of Ankara and the United Nations, Moscow and Kiev signed the grain deal last summer that ended the Russian blockade of Ukrainian seaports. Most recently, Russia extended the agreement for two months in mid-May.

The Russian mercenary group Wagner continues its retreat from the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. The completely destroyed village is to be placed under the control of regular Russian units by June. At the same time, Ukraine still does not give up the city.

While fighting continues in Ukraine, the political focus is on the north: Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits Russia’s neighbor Lithuania and also meets the Bundeswehr soldiers stationed there. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is traveling to Sweden – the country is aspiring to join NATO. The visits are also a signal to Russia.

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