Citizen’s income increase: Lindner wants “noticeable” wage gap

Citizen’s income increase: Lindner wants “noticeable” wage gap

After the increase in citizen income, Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner demands that employees generally have “noticeably” more in their wallets than recipients of benefits.

In view of the planned increase in citizen income, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner has demanded that workers have significantly more money at their disposal than recipients of social benefits. “Those who work must always have noticeably more than those who don’t work,” said FDP politician Lindner of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (Saturday). The welfare state must prevent existential distress, but the use of its services should not be “permanent,” said Lindner.

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The effects of the wage gap on the incentive to work are currently being studied scientifically. “If the Minister of Labor presents this investigation soon, we will see whether there are any consequences,” said Lindner.

Lindner calls Spahn’s concerns “justified”

The deputy leader of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Jens Spahn, had previously criticized the fact that the wage gap would continue to narrow as a result of the planned increase in citizen income and described this as the “wrong signal”. Lindner called the concerns “justified”. Incentives to work have been improved. “Nevertheless, we have to look at the overall effect of our welfare state,” said the Federal Minister of Finance.

Citizens’ income is to increase by around twelve percent in the coming year. Adult recipients are to receive 563 euros per month from January 1st – 61 euros more than at present. More than five million people in Germany are currently receiving citizen’s income.

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