G20: Airplane problems: Canada’s Prime Minister is stuck in India

G20: Airplane problems: Canada’s Prime Minister is stuck in India

Technical problems force Justin Trudeau to make an involuntary stay in India after the G20 summit. This isn’t the first time the Canadian prime minister has had trouble flying.

Due to technical problems with his plane, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was unable to leave the country for the time being after the G20 summit in India.

Shortly before the planned departure, the delegation was informed that there was a technical problem with the Airbus plane, according to a statement from his office, which Canadian media quoted. Details of the technical problems were not initially disclosed, but they apparently could not be solved in the short term. “Our delegation will remain in India until other arrangements are made,” it said.

Trudeau arrived on Friday with his delegation to the summit of the leading industrialized and emerging countries in the Indian capital New Delhi. According to Canadian media, there had been several minor problems with the aircraft in the past, as well as with a replacement plane.

The travel plans of members of the German federal government were also sometimes slowed down by problems with Bundeswehr aircraft. Most recently, it hit Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who had to cancel a planned trip to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji in August due to breakdowns on an A340 belonging to the Bundeswehr.

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