Meeting with Putin: Media shows video of Kim’s arrival in Russia

Meeting with Putin: Media shows video of Kim’s arrival in Russia

Kim Jong Un has apparently crossed the border with Russia in his private train. There is still speculation about the reasons for the meeting between North Korea’s rulers and the Kremlin chief.

Russian media have published a video of the arrival of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the east of the giant country. In the clip, which was distributed by the Russian state agency Ria Novosti, among others, Kim can be seen getting off a train in the dark and being greeted by a brass band. However, the video was apparently recorded on Monday evening during a stopover in the border town of Khassan in the Russian Far East.

Russian Environment Minister Alexander Kozlov said he met Kim in the border area. The governor of the Primorye Region, Oleg Kozhemyako, said that Kim had already been in transit there on Monday. During his visit to Russia, Kim wants to meet with Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin, who was most recently in the eastern Pacific port city of Vladivostok. Both the place and time of the conversation remain unclear.

It is assumed that it will primarily be about arms deals between Russia and the strictly isolated North Korea. Russia urgently needs ammunition for its war of aggression against Ukraine, while North Korea, on the other hand, is likely to hope for Russian technologies for satellites or for the construction of nuclear submarines.

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