Ministry of Health only wants vaccinated people in the disco

Therefore, it is suggested, for example, that the “Green Pass” should only apply to full immunization, that only vaccinated people can use the night catering and that the registration obligation remains in place.

In order to discuss these proposals, a task force met in the morning in which the responsible ministries and the Tyrolean presidency are represented at civil servant level. At most, measures could be announced afterwards.

The Ministry of Health calls for these measures:

– 1-G rule in night gastronomy (i.e. access only for vaccinated people)
– Green passport only after full immunization (not as before with first vaccination)
– PCR test requirement when entering from risk areas
– Expansion of the risk areas
– Maintain collection of contact data
– Stricter controls at the borders, in the gastro, etc.

The Ministry of Health’s paper states that the increase in the numbers was recently underestimated. If this continues, “we will find ourselves in a threatening scenario in the foreseeable future”.

The main reasons for the increase are the opening steps and easing of July 1, such as the opening of night restaurants, the dominance of the delta variant, which should already account for around 90 percent of cases, and travel-related cases. The effects could be dramatic. This begins with school operations in autumn, goes through the consequences for tourism when assessing Austria as a risk area to a higher number of vaccination breakthroughs, i.e. of people who become ill despite immunization.

According to the health department, the threatening development could probably still be slowed down by increasing the vaccination coverage as well as timely and targeted withdrawal of opening steps or refraining from further easing steps. In the case of hesitant behavior, on the other hand, it is to be expected that serious measures to contain them, such as partial or real lockdowns, would be necessary.

Video: Experts are of the opinion that the CoV situation in Upper Austria can remain under control in autumn if herd immunity is achieved. To do this, at least 80 percent of people have to get vaccinated against the virus.

Among other things, it is proposed to dispense with the abolition of the registration requirement, which the government is actually planning. When entering from risk countries, there should be a PCR test requirement, whereby the list of these states is to be expanded. This would require increased controls at the borders, but also in the catering sector. In any case, the night gastronomy should only be used by vaccinated people if the Ministry’s plans work.

If none of these measures work, further steps would be considered. This includes an extension of the 3G requirement to other areas, the reintroduction of distance rules, more mask requirements and additional access restrictions.

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Increasing number of cases, but decreasing hospital burden

Platter against overreaction

Tyrolean governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) speaks out against “overreacting” in the face of rising corona numbers. In his inaugural speech on the occasion of the change of chairmanship in the Federal Council, he pointed out on Thursday that it was not the incidences but the hospitalization numbers that were decisive. Platter urged people to take advantage of the vaccination.

The governor referred to the Schwaz district, which had received a special vaccination campaign in view of the South African variant that was rampant there some time ago. There is now an incidence barely above zero: “In principle, the matter is settled in the Schwaz district.”

Platter’s conclusion: Those who are vaccinated will most likely not end up in the hospital, but those who are not vaccinated may have a problem, said the governor, who repeatedly emphasized the importance of tourism for Austria.

Video: Infectiologist Rainer Gattringer speaks in “Upper Austria today” about a possible CoV vaccination obligation in the health sector, the relaxation of the measures and the delta variant.

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