War in the Middle East: Army: Israeli soldier freed in Gaza Strip

War in the Middle East: Army: Israeli soldier freed in Gaza Strip

Terrorists kidnap more than 230 people – including children and women – into the Gaza Strip. A soldier has now been rescued. Relatives of German hostages appeal to the federal government.

An Israeli soldier has been freed during ground operations in the Gaza Strip, according to the military.

The woman kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 is in good condition and has already met her family, the army said in an X-Post. Accordingly, the liberation was at night. In a picture distributed by the military, she was seen in the arms of her family.

At the weekend, Israel’s army ushered in a new phase in the war against Hamas, which rules in the Gaza Strip. In addition to massive air strikes, Israeli troops also expanded operations on the ground. According to media reports, they are said to have advanced around three kilometers into the Gaza Strip.

At least 239 people abducted

Terrorists from Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, carried out a massacre of civilians in Israel on October 7th. More than 1,400 people died during and in the following days. According to the Israeli army, at least 239 others were kidnapped into the Gaza Strip, including several Germans. The army says it believes most of the hostages are still alive.

According to the military, more than 20 children and young people are among those kidnapped. 40 other people are still missing since the terrorist attacks. Because of the poor condition of many of the bodies, identification has not yet been completed. According to Israeli information, those killed and missing include citizens of more than 40 countries.

Relatives of German hostages: “The clock is ticking”

Relatives of German hostages have appealed to the federal government to do more to ensure their release from captivity in the Gaza Strip.

Liri Romann, brother of the kidnapped 36-year-old German Yarden Romann, told the “Tagesspiegel” after the news of the death of the German-Israeli Shani Louk: “This shows us all that we only have a short time to free all the others alive .” His family was in contact with several German government representatives and was treated with a lot of compassion.

After many “warm words,” action must now follow. “It is now time for the German government to use all possible pressure to demand that Hamas release all German nationals immediately,” said Romann.

Shaked Haran, who lost her father and whose mother, German citizen Shoshan Haran, and other relatives were abducted, also told the newspaper that Shani Louk’s death should “make everyone aware that the clock is ticking.” She continued: “The German government must use all available channels to ensure that the German hostages and their relatives are released.”

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