Media report: Strong increase in fixed-term contracts in the public sector

Media report: Strong increase in fixed-term contracts in the public sector

In the public sector, more and more people are working on fixed-term contracts. New employees in the federal states are particularly affected.

According to a media report, more and more employment contracts in the public sector are limited. In the past two years, their number has increased by 16 percent, reported the new Berlin editorial company, citing data from the Federal Statistical Office, which were evaluated for a personnel report by the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB). Of the almost 3.3 million employees in the public sector, a total of 517,000 had a fixed-term employment contract last year, which was a good 15 percent – and 28 percent more than ten years ago.

New employees are particularly affected: in 2021 alone, around 60 percent of new hires were temporary – in the private sector, according to the report, there were only half as many. The federal states in particular rely on time limits. Around one in three public sector employees there – around 374,000 people – work on a temporary basis.

Despite a slight increase in personnel, according to the DGB, numerous positions remain unfilled. “With fixed-term employment contracts and poorly equipped offices, it will be increasingly difficult to attract and retain new and well-trained skilled workers,” criticized Elke Hannack, deputy chairwoman of the DGB.

Source: Stern

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