Joe Biden’s retaliation and fears of an Iran war

Joe Biden’s retaliation and fears of an Iran war

Joe Biden has ordered retaliatory strikes after three US soldiers were killed in Jordan. While the Republicans are heating up the situation domestically, the US President is looking for a solution. The key lies in Gaza.

The message Joe Biden wants to send is easy to understand: Stop! The US President ordered on Friday evening to attack 85 targets in Syria and Iraq. Further attacks by the USA, Great Britain and other partners on targets in Yemen followed on Saturday. The retaliatory strikes are in response to a drone strike in Jordan a week ago that killed three US soldiers and injured many more. Biden’s government blames radical militias supported by Iran. “The United States is not seeking conflict in the Middle East,” Biden said after Friday’s attacks. But: “If Americans are harmed, we will respond.”

Source: Stern

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