Israel/Iran in the news blog: USA does not want “escalation” or “war” with Iran

Israel/Iran in the news blog: USA does not want “escalation” or “war” with Iran

The Israeli Foreign Ministry says Iran must pay a price for its aggression. This includes classifying the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, which carried out the attacks, as a terrorist organization as an immediate reaction, according to a statement that Foreign Office spokesman Lior Haiat also distributed on the X platform (formerly Twitter). Painful sanctions would have to be imposed on Iran, including in the area of ​​missiles.

The Iranian attack was accompanied by additional terrorist attacks by Iraqi militias, the Houthi militia in Yemen and Hezbollah in Lebanon, Haiat said. The attack proves what Israel has been saying for years: Iran is the biggest threat to regional stability and is behind the terrorist attacks in the region.

The Revolutionary Guards are Iran’s elite armed forces that are intended to protect the state ideology and, above all, prevent a coup. The unit is increasingly being criticized for its involvement in oppression. In the EU there are legal hurdles to putting the Revolutionary Guards on the terror list. Some experts have argued that this would first require a court decision from a member state.

Source: Stern

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