Impressive run by Lionel Messi’s bodyguard to intercept a ten fan

Impressive run by Lionel Messi’s bodyguard to intercept a ten fan

Yassine Cheujo made a surprising save to catch the fan of the Inter Miami captain. The images.

(Photo: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports)

He Inter Miami defeated by 3 to 2 to Sporting Kanzas City with an excellent participation of Lionel Messi (goal and assist) to climb to the top and lead the MLS Eastern Conference.

Although the Argentine star caught everyone’s attention after providing a magical assist for Inter’s first goal, achieved by Paraguayan Diego Gómez at 18 minutes and scoring the second with a shot from outside the area in the 51st minute, he was also the protagonist for another particular event off the field of play.

The spectacular reaction of Lionel Messi’s bodyguard

As happens every time Lionel Messi step on a playing field with Inter Miami or the Argentine National Team, Fans try by all means to enter the playing field and take a photo with their idol. And this time, it was no exception.

A fan desperately ran to look for the Argentine ten, but the huge bodyguard of Messi, Yassine Cheujo, He ran faster than the fan and intercepted him impressively before the attentive gaze of the more than 76,000 spectators who enjoyed the spectacle in the stadium. Arrowheand.

Three fans ran to have their photo with Lionel Messi

During the match that took place InterMiami, Three fans invaded the field looking to get closer to Messi to take selfies. In the first instance, A girl managed to get in and Messi graciously agreed to take a photo with her.

Later, near the end of the game, another young man interrupted the game to be next to Lionel. Number 10’s bodyguard, who was on one of the sides, quickly ran to protect him. Finally, once the match was over, another fan managed to capture a selfie with Lionel.

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