Ukraine war: Selenskyj visit: Spain promises Ukraine billions in aid

Ukraine war: Selenskyj visit: Spain promises Ukraine billions in aid

Spain promises billions in aid to Ukrainian President Zelensky. But host Sánchez reacts dismissively when it comes to the use of Western weapons against targets in Russia.

Spain and Ukraine signed a bilateral security agreement during the first official visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the EU country. The agreement provides, among other things, for Spanish military aid of one billion euros this year, said Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez after the meeting with Zelensky in the Madrid government headquarters in Moncloa.

When asked by journalists, Sánchez did not want to give details of the military aid. He only said that anti-aircraft missiles, Leopard tanks and ammunition would continue to be supplied. “The agreement is based on a comprehensive vision of security and therefore covers various areas such as the military sector, financial support and cooperation between the military industries” of both countries, he said.

Important agreement for Ukraine

Zelensky described the agreement as important. It was “life-saving help in these difficult times.” He stressed that the agreed projects for the joint production of weapons would not only help in the fight against the Russian war of aggression, but would also “create jobs.” Spanish media spoke of a historic amount. Spain has never provided such large military aid to any country before. According to Madrid, the promised military aid amounts to exactly 1.129 billion euros.

At the press conference, Sánchez was also asked about possible considerations by Western countries to comply with Ukraine’s demands and authorize the use of Western weapons against targets on Russian territory. The socialist politician said: “We certainly do not have this will or intention, and I have no information about it.” The guest made no further comment on this point in Madrid.

Selenskyj: First official visit to Spain

It is Zelensky’s first official visit to Spain. After landing in Madrid, he was greeted at the foot of the aircraft stairs by King Felipe VI. After meeting with Sánchez, the guest was received by the monarch in the Royal Palace in Madrid. Zelensky then met the Speaker of the Lower House Francina Armengol, Senate President Pedro Rollán and various party leaders.

The visit to Spain and Portugal was originally planned for the middle of the month. However, Zelenskyj had cancelled this and other trips abroad due to the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region. The Ukrainian president will make up for his visit to Portugal on Tuesday, the Portuguese government announced on Monday. Meetings with Prime Minister Luís Montenegro and President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa are planned in Lisbon. The aim of the visit is “to deepen the excellent relations between the two states, with a particular focus on strengthening cooperation in the field of security and defence”.

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