Navalny memorial service: Special forces storm gathering in Moscow

Navalny memorial service: Special forces storm gathering in Moscow

In honor of the deceased Kremlin opponent Navalny, people gathered in Moscow to watch the live broadcast of a memorial concert in Berlin. A short time later, a special police unit arrived.

The police in Russia’s capital Moscow have cracked down on supporters of the late Kremlin opponent Alexei Navalny who had gathered for a small memorial ceremony on his birthday. Representatives of a special unit stormed a room in northeast Moscow on Tuesday evening where several dozen people had gathered to watch the live broadcast of a Navalny memorial concert from Berlin, the civil rights organization Ovd-Info said.

Around 30 people have been detained, searched and questioned in the meantime. The media outlet “Sota” published a short video showing several masked officers approaching.

Navalny died in prison

Navalny, who would have turned 48 on Tuesday, was considered one of the harshest critics of Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin during his lifetime and has been a political prisoner since his imprisonment in 2021. Last February, he died in a penal camp in the far north of Russia for reasons that remain unclear. His relatives and supporters are talking about murder – also because Navalny had only narrowly survived a nerve gas attack a few years earlier in the summer of 2020 and was therefore in poor health.

At Navalny’s funeral around three months ago, thousands of people unexpectedly gathered in Moscow, despite great repression, to mourn the popular opposition politician. But otherwise there are hardly any protests anymore because the authorities usually nip them in the bud and immediately arrest participants.

Source: Stern

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