War in the Middle East: Peace plan: EU puts pressure on Israel and Hamas

War in the Middle East: Peace plan: EU puts pressure on Israel and Hamas

Joe Biden has presented a roadmap for a ceasefire – now it’s Israel and Hamas’ turn. So far, however, no one has dared to come out of hiding. The news at a glance:

After US President Joe Biden outlined a possible path to a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza war, international pressure on Israel and the Islamist Hamas is growing. The parties to the conflict should accept the roadmap presented, demanded EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on behalf of the union.

The plan is fully supported. It could lead to a permanent ceasefire, the release of all hostages taken to the Gaza Strip and more humanitarian aid for the suffering civilian population in the sealed-off coastal area.

However, according to the mediating state of Qatar, neither the Israeli government nor the Hamas leadership have commented on the proposal. “We need a clear position from both sides,” said Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid Al-Ansari. “We have not seen any statements from either side that give us much confidence.”

According to media reports, the head of the US foreign intelligence service CIA, William Burns, and the White House Middle East coordinator Brett McGurk, traveled to the region again to promote the agreement to end the Gaza war. They would hold talks in Qatar and Egypt and possibly also visit Israel, the newspaper “The Times of Israel” reported, citing US officials.

Slovenia recognizes Palestine as a state

A few days after Spain, Ireland and Norway, Slovenia is another European country that has recognised Palestine as a state. “Dear Palestinian people, today’s final decision is a message of hope and peace. We believe that only a two-state solution can lead to lasting peace in the Middle East,” the Slovenian Foreign Ministry quoted chief diplomat Tanja Fajon as saying on the news platform X.

“Slovenia will continue to work tirelessly to ensure security for both nations, Palestinians and Israelis.” Slovenia says it is the 147th country in the world to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state. Israel’s government, on the other hand, has recently condemned the recognition of the State of Palestine by more and more countries as a “reward for terrorism.”

Reports of new operation against Hamas in central Gaza

Meanwhile, according to media reports, the Israeli army has begun a new operation in the refugee district of Al-Bureij in the central part of the Gaza Strip. In addition to the air force, ground troops are also involved. The military was already in the area at the beginning of the year, but has since withdrawn, reported the Jerusalem Post.

The Islamist Hamas is still strong in the densely populated area. Israel has set itself the goal of militarily destroying the terrorist organization. The army announced that a Hamas facility in Al-Bureij, a school belonging to the UN Palestinian relief agency UNRWA, had been attacked with a drone. The Islamists had planned numerous attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers from there. The information could not be independently verified.

UN: Desalination plants shut down due to fuel shortage

According to the UN, vital sea water desalination plants in the Gaza Strip have been shut down due to a lack of fuel for power generators. “People do not have enough water,” the UN Palestinian relief agency warned on X. “Survival is a struggle.”

Families and children have to travel long distances in the heat to get water. The organization called on the Israeli authorities to remedy this situation immediately. Israel announced in April that a central water pipeline from Israel to the Gaza Strip had been repaired after it was damaged in the war against Hamas.

Israel agrees with USA to purchase 25 fighter jets

Israel has agreed with the USA to buy 25 more F-35 (Adir) fighter jets. This is the third squadron of fighter jets of this type to be integrated into the Israeli armed forces, the Ministry of Defense announced. This will give the Israeli Air Force 75 of these stealth jets from the US manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Delivery to Israel is to begin in 2028, with a delivery rate of three to five fighter jets per year. The cost is around three billion dollars (around 2.8 billion euros).

Israeli Defense Minister Joav Galant said the delivery of the third squadron demonstrated “the strength of the strategic alliance between Israel and the United States.” The capabilities of the fighter jets would have a “decisive impact” on nearby and more distant conflict zones. Galant spoke of a “strong message to our enemies throughout the region.”

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