Reinhold Würth considers not investing in Germany after AfD success

Reinhold Würth considers not investing in Germany after AfD success
Reinhold Würth considers not investing in Germany after AfD success

Reinhold Würth is considered the “screw king” – and an important economic investor for Germany. The AfD’s election success could soon change that.

The AfD has achieved success in the European elections – and is thus causing different emotions not only within Germany. But the party’s election success could have consequences not only politically, but also economically. The German-Austrian entrepreneur Reinhold Würth, for example, is considering cancelling his investments in Germany, as he told “Deutschlandfunk”.

The billionaire explained that if the political trend in Germany continues, people will have to think carefully about where and how they invest. In particular, the AfD’s commitment to people with a migration background is a reason for Würth to question the party. After all, his own company, the world market leader in the production and distribution of assembly and fastening materials, consists of 30 percent people from the international spectrum – in other words, they originally come from another country.

Reinhold Würth is not a fan of the AfD

This is not the first time that Würth has announced such a step. Back in 2008, the 89-year-old was already openly toying with the idea of ​​moving his business completely abroad. At the time, there were investigations into tax evasion, but the proceedings were dropped after two years.

The AfD has also been a thorn in Würth’s side for a long time. Just this spring, he proactively called on his entire workforce not to vote for the AfD. Würth’s headquarters are in Künzelsau-Gaisbach in the Hohenlohe district of Baden-Württemberg. There, the AfD received 19.1 percent of the vote in the European elections.

Reinhold Würth is unlikely to be the only economic giant to react accordingly to the rise of the AfD. Economic experts have long been warning of the dramatic consequences that the AfD’s plans would have for Germany as a business location. In an interview with “Deutschlandfunk”, Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke therefore called for a focus on “stability and security”.

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