Inspector General of the Bundeswehr wants to ask women to do military service

Inspector General of the Bundeswehr wants to ask women to do military service
Inspector General of the Bundeswehr wants to ask women to do military service

Will volunteering help to solve the Bundeswehr’s personnel shortage? The Inspector General says that it will not work without obligations – and is committed to equality.

The Inspector General of the German Armed Forces, Carsten Breuer, would also make women obliged to do military service if conscription were reactivated. “We currently have a suspended conscription which, according to the Basic Law, is aimed solely at the male population. We should establish equality here – but to do this we first need a corresponding political and social discussion,” Breuer told the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND). Germany must be ready for war.

In June, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) presented plans for a new military service model. The new model will consist of basic military service of six months with an option for additional voluntary military service of up to an additional 17 months. A mandatory registration system will be introduced in which young men will have to state their willingness and ability to perform military service. Young women could also do this.

Bundeswehr suffers from personnel shortage

Breuer spoke out in favor of Pistorius’ model. “From a military perspective, we need the ability to expand, not least with a view to NATO’s plans.” Germany is the central hub for the alliance. “Overall, we need more than 400,000 temporary and professional soldiers as well as reservists. To meet this need, we need around 100,000 additional reservists,” said the Inspector General. The new model could initially cover this. But: “It will not work without mandatory contributions.”

Compulsory military service for women: Inspector General Breuer calls for amendment of the Basic Law

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In 2011, compulsory military service was suspended in Germany under Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (CSU) after 55 years. This was tantamount to the abolition of military and civilian service.

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