Ismailov defeated Duradola in his first boxing match

Ismailov defeated Duradola in his first boxing match

Russian MMA fighter Magomed Ismailov (Bald Predator) on Saturday, February 26, defeated the Nigerian Olanrewaja Durodolu in a boxing match at the REN TV Fight Club tournament.

The duel began with Ismailov’s heavy blow to the African’s body. The Russian quickly reduced the distance, shooting back in short bursts. Olanrewaju was trying to assess what tactics to apply to the Bald Predator, and at that moment Ismailov delivered a strong blow, from which Durodola staggered. At the end of the first round, the athletes exchanged pleasantries and took a breather.

In the second round, the Nigerian took aim at the enemy, while Ismailov simply went forward. Durodola, in turn, also began to move towards the Russian, winning the distance. With assertive pressure, he managed to cool the ardor of Magomedov, who even began to miss.

After the break, Ismailov began to put pressure on Durodol, inflicting a couple of clear blows. Magomed did everything correctly – he completed the series, got close and broke the distance. Olanrewaju even lost his balance during the fight. The Nigerian was protracted, waiting for the right moment.

Already in the fourth round, the African practically walked around the ring on foot and was confused. Ismailov was confident in his strikes, did not hesitate to go to the exchange. The Nigerian began to chat after two blows from the Russian.

Before the fight on February 24, the Bald Predator and Durodola went through the weigh-in procedure and had a battle of looks. The weight of the rivals turned out to be the same – 91.9 kg each.

On the eve of the Russian said that in the upcoming fight he plans to adhere to the style of “street fighter”. Durodola said that Ismailov was not fast enough for a boxer.

The duel between Ismailov and Durodola became the main event of the tournament on February 25 and was held in the format of “four rounds of three minutes”. The athletes were wearing 10-ounce gloves. In addition to the Russian and the Nigerian, the audience saw the fight between the 2021 world boxing champion (amateurs) Mark Petrovsky and the Kenyan Collins Oyala, as well as the fights between Maxim Topor Shcherbakov and Albert Karmazyan (bare fists).

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