Defense and Justice won again and is one of the escorts

Defense and Justice won again and is one of the escorts

The goals for Florencio Varela’s team, who garnered their second consecutive win, were from Miguel Merentiel (5m PT), Carlos Rotondi (44m PT) and Nicolás Tripicchio (25m ST). For the people from La Plata, who had just lost a landslide against Banfield, Cristian Tarragona (37m PT) and Adonis Frías against (45m ST) scored.

Defense reached 7 units and, with one more game, reached second place in zone 1 together with Platense and Unión. The “Wolf” continues with the 4 points accumulated in the first two days.


Gimnasia’s idea of ​​going out to exchange blow for blow like the Mexican boxers led to a great match, because Defense maintained its usual offensive ambition. In the first half there were many arrivals in the goal and three goals.

The visitor had it first, with a center from the right by Sosa that Alemán finished off just wide; in the answer the place was put up, with a definition of Merentiel after a good qualification of Bou; and immediately “Lobo” was able to tie it with a shot by Carbonero that hit the crossbar.

From then on, he was better Defense and Justice, used to playing with speed precision, opening the field, looking for spaces. He was able to increase with a shot from Bou, another from Frías and a one-on-one from Merentiel who took Rodrigo Rey for a corner.

Gymnastics, which only had clarity and generated a certain risk when the ball passed through Carbonero, took advantage of a “rest” by the “Halcón” to tie with a goal from Tarragona. But it didn’t last long: before halftime Sebastián Beccacece’s men pressed the accelerator again and went 2-1 up with a conquest by Rotondi, coming in from the left, after assistance from Hachen.

The complement was less intense and, consequently, more even. Even in this more favorable scenario for the visitor, it was the local team that generated the best chances in the rival goal: Pizzini had it twice, once on the right and once on the left, but he could not.

Gymnastics, in turn, approached with a shot from Tarragona that Unsaín took to the side, but despite the changes made by “Pipo” Gorosito, he never found a way to equalise.

Finally, midway through the Defense stage, he settled it with a goal from Tripicchio after an excellent collective maneuver; he managed the times and moods; the anxiety of the discount passed almost on closing (just like with San Lorenzo last game) and with the final whistle he kept the three points. After a hesitant start in the Cup, he recovered his memory and is already up in the table.

The next date, fifth of the contest, Defense and Justice will visit Banfield (Sunday, March 6, from 5:00 p.m.) and Gimnasia will receive Argentinos Juniors in the Forest (Friday, March 4, from 9:30 p.m.).

Source: Ambito

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