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Kick-off of a new era

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Linz has a new landmark: The Raiffeisen Arena was built in 16 months – today the game starts with the game LASK against Lustenau.
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Kick-off of a new era

The warm-up of the black and white follows today’s premiere.
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With the Bundesliga home game against SC Austria Lustenau, the new Raiffeisen Arena on the Gugl is completing its first stress test today (8.30 p.m., live ticker on nachrichten.at) Before the competitive premiere of the stadium, which was built in just 16 months all organizational homework should be done. Before the start of a new black-and-white era, the OÖ Nachrichten will answer the most important questions about the new attraction in the provincial capital and the opening game, for which around 13,000 spectators are expected today.

What game will the fans see in the Raiffeisen Arena today?

Definitely 22 highly motivated players. This also applies to opponents Austria Lustenau, whose coach Markus Mader already sent out a declaration of war yesterday. He counts on great chances of disrupting the opening party as a spoilsport: “LASK has not performed as well in the first two spring games as in autumn – although one has to say that LASK played both games outnumbered. If we If we survive the first 20 minutes in which LASK will press hard, then we have a good chance.”

WWhat is the best way for visitors to get to the stadium?

Linz Linien and the police urgently appeal to travel by public transport. Shuttle buses will be set up between the Taubenmarkt and the Botanical Gardens as well as the bus terminal of the main train station and the Stadion station. The regular buses drive to the stadium according to the timetable. In the Ziegeleistrasse, the right-hand lane will be a bus lane from the afternoon.

Can people be chauffeured to the stadium in a private car and picked up again after the game?

Yes, access is possible. The public road is not blocked. It is only advisable in emergencies, such as for people with physical disabilities. There is also a wheelchair accessible lift into the stadium.

Can you use public transport for free with a ticket for the game today?

Yes, five hours before the start of the game and until midnight, the admission ticket for the stadium is valid today as a ticket in the core zone of the Linz Linien – i.e. for both the regular buses and the shuttle buses to the stadium.

Where are the best parking spots for stadium visitors?

There are heavily discounted rates for drivers in the underground car parks at the train station, the Raiffeisen garage on Südbahnhofmarkt, the garage in the center, in the city car park and in the Elisabeth garage: parking there three hours before the start of the game until 5 a.m. the following day costs 3 ,50 Euros. From there it is advisable to use the shuttle buses from Taubenmarkt and the main train station.

How are the police preparing for this game?

City police commander Karl Pogutter, who is in charge of the stadium operation today, does not expect any major incidents: “I think that the joy of the new stadium will outweigh the fans today.” However, the police were present in sufficient numbers.

Kick-off of a new era

The warm-up of the black and white follows today’s premiere.

How is the mood in the fan scene?

Divided – the choreography for the “black and white wall” was prepared for a long time and represents an absolute highlight. Recently, however, a letter from the organized fan scene went to the club, in which the lack of day tickets for the opening was criticized in particular.

What program is there today apart from the football match?

The fan zone in front of the black and white standing room grandstand is open from 5.30 p.m. The official program in the stadium begins at 7.30 p.m. and is intended to be a surprise for the fans. Hanna Kastner from Linz will interpret “Hoamatland”, ex-Russkaya band member Mia Nova will play the violin.

Are stadium openings linked to home team wins?

Basically yes. Wacker Tirol Innsbruck (2000/1-0 against Rapid), Austria Klagenfurt (2007/1-0 against Austria Wien), Rapid (2016/5-0 against Ried) and Austria Wien (2018/2-1 against Innsbruck) have won . Only Austria Salzburg (2003/1:1 against FC Kärnten) lost points in the first game. And SV Guntamatic Ried opened today’s Josko Arena in 2003 with a 1-0 win over today’s LASK opponent Austria Lustenau. That should bode well for black and white, too.

On nachrichten.at you will find a live ticker (from 5 p.m.), photo galleries, the game report and a video of today’s stadium opening and the game against Lustenau.

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: Nachrichten

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