After “Blech” for Kraft: Criticism of the allocation of wind points

After “Blech” for Kraft: Criticism of the allocation of wind points
Stefan Kraft is comforted by Michael Hayböck.
Image: GEPA pictures/ Patrick Steiner (GEPA pictures)

The man from Salzburg fell off the podium by just 0.4 points and reaped “tin” in the competition, which was heavily influenced by the wind. If he was lucky with the conditions in the first heat, that wasn’t the case in the final heat. Immediately afterwards, however, Kraft showed himself to be a great sportsman and a fair first loser.

“I can tick that off pretty quickly,” said the 29-year-old in this bitter hour for him. “I’ve achieved quite a lot, thank God, and it will come back eventually. You can learn a lot from those kinds of things. It would piss me off if I screwed up the second jump. I’d have a grant now, but it was good.” The coaches told him that he had no chance in the second round. “It’s bitter at a World Cup, but it can happen. You’ve often been lucky. It wasn’t meant to be today.”

“It does not fit”

Of course, it bothered Kraft a little that the successful Polish titleholder was only deducted about one point more than himself in clearly better conditions. “You’ve often seen that the wind points don’t reflect how it really is. It just fits not together. The jury was also a pity, he (the jump) didn’t deserve 18.5 (points, note). And half a (meter) more, and you’re third too. It just didn’t want to be.” Jan Hörl sympathized with his team-mate: “It’s very bitter for Krafti that he’s fourth by four tenths.”

For the mixed on Sunday, good things were shown: “I’ve got the hill out. And we have a strong team. It’s announced for quite good, a bit colder. I like that a lot.” He would love to jump in team competitions and especially mixed competitions. “It’s very, very exciting and it’s mostly in the hands of the girls. Because it’s brutally tight for us boys, we all jump almost in the same place. It’s cool that we have two strong women at the moment .”

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