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The basketball team suffered the most painful defeat in the last 40 years

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At the Islas Malvinas Sports Center, the albiceleste team exhibited a discreet performance in the final chapter and allowed the reaction of the cast led by Néstor “Che” García (former DT of the local team), who won and took one of the seven places continental bound for Indonesia-Japan-Philippines 2023.

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The Argentine team, which finished with an 8-4 record, finished fourth in zone E, behind Canada (11-1), the Dominican Republic (9-3) and Venezuela (8-4).

So, qualifying for the World Cup had a direct correlation with what happened with the rivals who had chances in group F. And all of them, Mexico (8-4), Puerto Rico (8-4) and Brazil (8 -4) prevailed in their respective matches.

The incredible Argentine defeat had only one figure in the game box. The Santiago forward Gabriel Deck, who traveled especially from Spain to join DT Pablo Prigioni’s team. The current value of Real Madrid finished with a scoresheet of 27 goals (10-13 in doubles, 0-2 in triples, 7-8 in free throws), 3 rebounds, 2 recoveries, 2 assists and a block.

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the strategist Facundo Campazzothe most applauded by the public from Mar del Plata, had a night with ups and downs, as shown by records of 10 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 recoveries and one block, but 4 turnovers.

The forward stood out in the visiting team Jean Monteroresponsible for 22 units (18 in the second half).

The match began with the visiting team prevailing in the game, based on the neat leadership of the Feliz-Liz tandem. However, the Dominican team could not escape beyond the initial 8-3 and, little by little, Argentina was adjusting pieces, with the energy of Campazzo (he contributed in different areas) and the scoring ability of Deck (8 goals in the first quarter).

When Prigioni’s team from Córdoba was able to run the field, the albiceleste team managed to escape and broke the rival’s first line.

But some inopportune losses complicated and those led by Garcia from Bahia continued in the game, beyond the fact that they abused the outside shot from different positions (3-11 in triples). The difference oscillated between 7 and 10 points in favor of the local quintet and settled at 7 (42-35) at the end of the first period.

In the return to the actions, Argentina showed the best of its repertoire: defensive intensity, aggressiveness in the mark and magic every time Campazzo assisted for his teammates. And, as if that were not enough, Deck contributed conversions (10 points) from different positions.

Only a brief period in which the albiceleste team rushed and lost three consecutive balls allowed the Central Americans to get closer on the scoreboard, when the distance in development seemed enormous. But the runs by Jean Montero (9) allowed the Dominican Republic to get back into the game and fall behind 54-64, facing the last 10 minutes of the game.

In the closing chapter, Argentina He was wrong all the ways: he had no fluidity, he forced shots from complex positions and the rim dried up.

Then, the Dominican Republic, with the contribution of Montero plus some appearances by Víctor Liz (formerly Obras Basket) cut the gap and, with 2m to go, went up 71-71.

In the final stretch, nerves played a trick on the albiceleste team, who missed potable conversions on the perimeter and could not take advantage of two free kicks from Nicolás Laprovíttola either.

The Central American team, with a colder head and a warm heart, was left with the victory and qualified for the 2023 Indonesia-Philippines-Japan World Cup.


(75) Argentina: Facundo Campazzo 10, Nicolás Laprovíttola 10, Nicolás Brussino 7, Gabriel Deck 27, Marcos Delía 10 (fi) Leandro Bolmaro 3, Carlos Delfino 2, Tayavek Gallizzi 3, Patricio Garino 3, Máximo Fjellerup 0, Juan Pablo Vaulet 0. DT: Pablo Prigioni.

(79) Dominican Republic: Andrés Feliz 11, Víctor Liz 8, Rigoberto Mendoza 5, Angel Delgado 7, Eloy Vargas 6 (fi) Antonio Peña 3, Gelvis Solano 2, Jean Montero 22, Angel Suero 13, Jhonatan Araujo 0, Juan Guerrero 0, Juan Suero 2. DT: Nestor Garcia.

Progression: Argentina 24-19, 42-35, 64-54 and 75-79

Referees: Vázquez (Puerto Rico)-Peralta (Ecuador)-Páez


Stadium: Islas Malvinas Sports Center (Mar del Plata).

Source: Ambito

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