Ibarra confirmed that he will repeat the same Boca team against Banfield

Ibarra confirmed that he will repeat the same Boca team against Banfield

The coach of Mouth, Hugo Ibarraconfirmed today the same team that comes from a goalless draw against Defense and Justice to face Banfield next Sunday, for the 7th. date of Professional Football League (LPF).

“The same team comes out against Banfield, I don’t have to hide anything. We are working, we know how to play with different systems, with players and variants, that’s why we decided to play with the same team as the other day at home”said ibarrawho had a surprising dialogue with the media after training, where the “xeneize” team played soccer for the first time this week.

Thus, for the third game in a row, Boca will repeat the 4-3-3 scheme and form with Sergio Romero; Luis Advíncula, Bruno Valdez, Nicolás Figal and Frank Fabra; Guillermo “Pol” Fernández, Alan Varela and Oscar Romero; Luca Langoni, Darío Benedetto and Sebastián Villa.

This alignment comes from winning the Argentine Super Cup in view of Patronage by 3 to 0 in Santiago del Esteroand to draw 0-0 against Defense and Justice in the candy box.

The black” ibarra explained at the press conference held at the property of Ezeiza Why there will be no variations in the starting eleven: “The group gives me confidence. You give the player the shirt, responsibility and confidence, which is the most important thing, and they show it on the pitch.”

Undoubtedly, the repetition of the team surprised the “Boca world”, since there was speculation about the return of the four midfielders: one of them was Ezequiel “Equi” Fernandez and there was also talk of Martin Payero by “Pol” Fernandez.

the same DT ibarra had said after the 3-1 victory against Platense that the tactical drawing that best suited him was 4-4-2. However, he will once again use three strikers to play against “Drill” this weekend.

In choosing your ideal formation to go to Florencio Sola stadium, the Boquense coach finished making his preferences clear. Because it is the first time that he has his entire squad available and without games in the middle of the week, without the need for rotation.

Fabra, Varela and Pol Fernandez for now they will continue in the team, beyond their irregular moments, ahead of Agustin Sandez, “Equi” Fernandez and payero.

And the same thing happens in the attack: langoni earned a place benedict is located above Michael Merentieland the bench coaching staff town despite its level, lower than usual.

Asked if this scheme does not give defensive advantages, the DT replied: “We are working on the defensive part, we are looking for more solidity. The first defenders have to be the forwards and we have to be closed in the lines. We are also working on it day by day”he claimed ibarra.

Another subject on which he had to respond was that of “Equi” Fernandezwho has already met his suspension date after being sent off in the 2-1 win against Velez in Liniers.

“When someone has to leave, they know that a teammate is going to come in and that they will try to do the best for the group. There is healthy competition here and whoever is better will play. I have intelligent players who know the importance of the group. We have a compact squad and there is a good harmony between all”said the coach.

Finally, he stated that he has “With variations of all kinds, I have midfielders that play very well. We’re working on different schemes. We’re going to oil it game by game. We have to give the team continuity and have minutes, that’s also the idea.”

Beyond the risks that the team may have in the defensive part or in the imbalance of the midfield, we must not forget that they will play against a team that has not yet managed to win in the LPF.

The ‘xeneize’ squad will return to work tomorrow at the Casa Amarilla property, to then remain concentrated in the afternoon at a hotel in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Monserrat.

For now it is not confirmed but Boca would play for the Argentine Cup in the date FIFA March 26 at the chacoin view of Olympus of White Bay.

If so, I wouldn’t have Fabra, Advincula and Oscar Romerowho are with those selected from Colombia, Peru and Paraguayanrespectively.

Mouthtwo-time champion of the 2022 season, will visit Banfield next Sunday from 9:30 p.m. for the seventh date of the Professional Leaguewith the arbitration of Hernan Mastrangelo.

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