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Live from 6.15 p.m.: Black Wings receive Bolzano with the series lead behind them

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Image: BWL/Reinhard Eisenbauer
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Image: Markus Prince

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The Steinbach Black Wings have the opportunity today to secure two match pucks in the quarter-final series against Bozen with a home win. But that requires at least one equally courageous performance, as in the last two games between Linz and South Tyrol. Luck is also a factor, as we tried to explain on the Overtime blog:

It also seems to be a matter of luck whether first-line center Michael Haga returns to the Linz line-up today. Its status was last set to “Day-by-Day” – so you check from day to day whether an assignment is possible. Daine Todd or Dennis Sticha are less promising.

Double goal scorer Emilio Romig in an interview:

By the way, Romig doesn’t see any pressure from Linz because of the home game. Because you shouldn’t look too far ahead anyway. “Especially in the playoffs, it’s important to live in the moment and think from game to game. Bolzano is still the favourite. But we have a chance if we play with such courage again.”

Head coach Philipp Lukas – also about game 3 in Bolzano:

It’s already clear that today’s game won’t be Linz’s last home game. Ideally (two wins today and on Friday), the quarter-final series is over, but this would result in two home games in the semi-final series. In the worst case, the series comes back to the Donaulände after two defeats on Sunday.

Check out the photo gallery below for more of Sunday’s game:

As a pastime until kick-off, we can recommend the latest episode of the icebreaker podcast. Christian Perthaler spoke to us about Linz’s first championship season (2002/2003):

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