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The health of Hugo Ibarra: Boca released the medical report after his hospitalization

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The DT “xeneize” suffered a “nasal epistaxis of arterial origin”, that is, bleeding resulting from an injury to a blood vessel. The former defender was admitted for observation.


Hugo Ibarra He suffered discomfort that included a headache, dizziness, and a nosebleed that was difficult to stop. For this reason, the club’s doctors decided to call an ambulance to transfer him from the Mouth in Ezeiza to the Italian Hospital of San Justo Agustín Rocca.

“Patient Hugo Ibarra was admitted to the Emergency Center of the Italian Hospital of San Justo, today, at 11:30 a.m., due to a three-hour history of nosebleeds. There he was treated in conjunction with the otorhinolaryngology service. Nasal epistaxis of arterial origin was identified, which was controlled with local treatment. The patient remained stable since admission to the hospital and it was decided to admit him for evolutionary follow-up.indicates the part signed by the medical management of the center located in front of the University of La Matanza.

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Although the schedule for this week was that Thursday’s training be in the morning shift at the Ezeiza property, Boca finally made the decision that the activity move to the afternoon (it will start at 4:00 p.m.). This is due to the fact that the DT will remain under observation for 24 hours and would only be discharged at noon, so that in this way he will avoid missing practice.


Source: Ambito

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