Gallardo’s advice that Scaloni took in the World Cup and it was a success

Gallardo’s advice that Scaloni took in the World Cup and it was a success

Gastón Edul and Alejandro Wall, in the book “La Tercera”, which details the historic consecration in Qatar, recounted an intimacy of the two coaches. It was applied successfully.

In the book “Third”journalists Alexander Wall and Gaston Edul revealed that the coach of the Argentine national team, lionel scaloniapplied a piece of advice given to him Marcelo Gallardohistorical DT of Rivera short time ago.

To put in context, post defeat against Saudi Arabia at the debut of world, scaloni he had to deal with the inevitable leaks to the press. Each practice generated a wave of hypotheses from journalists, especially before each game. Thus, a couple of formations leaked, in addition to the subsequent injury of Paul’s.

As detailed edul and walls in the book, “Gallardo told him something that he would remember during the World Cup: not to give the team to the players until the last moment. Against Saudi Arabia and Mexico, he gave them the information a day before. And then a day before the press already had eleven”.

As of the last date of the group stage, there was a break: “From Poland onwards everything changed, he applied Gallardo’s advice and began to present the team during the previous talk they had at the University of Qatar, before getting on the bus, an hour and a half before the game”. The successful ending we all know.

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