Vermouth Day: learn about the options you have within the City

Vermouth Day: learn about the options you have within the City

Every March 21, Buenos Aires celebrates the drink. We tell you about its composition and the vermouth bars that are found in different Buenos Aires neighborhoods.

He vermouth is a drinkgenerally white, composed of a base of came and a mixture of botanicals, flowers, shells, spices and carameland headed with wine alcohol quality. Its graduation varies between 16 and 22 degrees of alcohol per liter, and it can be found in different styles, the best known are: white, red, pink and dry.

The origin of this type of wine is Europeanand the countries that taste it the most are Italy, France, Spain, United States and Argentina. At the same time, consumption in our country is one of the customs brought by the italian immigration at the end of XIX century and throughout the twentieth century. Related to this, the main brands that market it are French, Spanish and Italian.

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In recent times, the vermouth became a drink that allows infinite combinationsideal for a appetizer that accompanies gatherings of friends, couples and other gatherings. The Buenos aires city has a lots of vermouth barsand the neighborhoods where they usually meet are Chacarita, Palermo, Villa Crespo and Belgrano.


CABA Tourism

Vermouth Day: what to do in the City

Tourism in Neighborhoods is a proposal that invites tourists to tour the neighborhoods of the City and enjoy your gastronomyhis urban arttheir shops and much more:

  • In Chacaritait goes from the historic cemetery to its cinematographic murals, its streets and its places to drink whiskey, vermouth or draft beer.
  • In Palermothe circuit can be by bicycle and passes through bars, museums and green spaces such as the Japanese Garden, Plaza Italiaamong others.

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  • In Villa Crespothe circuit includes the mythical Saint Bernard Coffeethe passion for tango and the walls painted yellow and blue.
  • In the neighborhood belgranothe tour visits churches, museums, parks, mansions and a large commercial avenue.

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CABA Tourism

Currently, the City has more than 7,000 bars and restaurants, 287 theaters, 380 bookstores, 150 museums and is the tango capital. In turn, it has a great offer of free and private activitiesas Guided visits, food tours, classes of tango and museumswhich can be consulted on the page of the Buenos Aires Tourism Agency.

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