The names that the Football Council manages for the new DT of Boca

The names that the Football Council manages for the new DT of Boca

After Martino will take a day to think about the proposal of the Football Councilfinally decided to decline the offer of Juan roman riquelme to be the new technical director of Mouth and the “Xeneize” went out to look for other names, of which he found four that are liked by 10 but do not fully convince the rest of the Advice.

Jose Pekerman He is the first candidate for the position, not only for the taste of “Román” but also for the rest of the members of the leadership.

riquelme know him from his time in the Argentine national team -juvenile and older- and has the characteristics that they look for in Mouth for the new DT: experience, good management of the dressing room and most importantly, that he is foreign to the club.

Nevertheless, Pekerman It will be difficult, since due to his age -73 years- he has no intention of living the hectic day to day of Mouth and he would prefer to take the position in some national team, although his failure in Venezuela, from where he was thrown out, may make him rethink the panorama.

Another of those targeted has a job: he is the coach of Tiger, diego martinez. The “Matador” has a great relationship with riquelmewhich has been reflected in the loans of players such as Ezequiel Fernandez, Mateo Retegui and Aaron Molinasso that the negotiations could come to fruition, even if it is not to the taste of the rest of the Advice.

The 44-year-old DT led in all categories of Argentine soccer: Ituzaingó in the D in 2015, cañuelas and Midlands in C between 2016 and 2017, communications and Homemade students in the B Metro between 2017 and 2019, already Tiger in the First Nationalwith whom he got promoted in 2021 and classified him to the South American Cup 2023.

The third candidate is facundo savawho eliminated Mouth in the semifinal and then became champion of the Argentine Cup 2022 with Patronage. D.Since then he has not led Argentine soccer again, since he left the Board of Trustees and took Cerro Porteño of Paraguayan at the beginning of the year and classified them to the group stage of the Libertadores Cup.

The president of the “Cyclone”, Juan Jose Zapag I declare that “Sava is not going to move from the club even if he calls him Boca because he is a man of his word”something that complicates the negotiation and is one of the most distant options.

Finally, riquelme has good esteem for Alexander Medinawho directed Velez until February but due to poor results he was fired from the Liniers club.

The Uruguayan arrived at the “Fortín” from Inter Porto Alegrealthough I had already been in workshops for two years -2019 and 2021- but it did not show everything done in the Cordoba team.

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