After the arrhythmia, Kun spoke in a video: “Don’t worry, I’m still here”

After the arrhythmia, Kun spoke in a video: “Don’t worry, I’m still here”

The former National Team player suffered from intense chest pain in the middle of a stream with Ibai Llanos. The doctors found that he is not at any risk.


Sergio “Kun” Aguero He brought peace of mind to his followers after suffering a “mini arrhythmia“in the middle of a transmission with the Spanish Ibai Plains. The former player of the Selection assured that it is in good health and that the doctors found that is not at any risk.

In the midst of the concern generated by his live reaction to chest pain, he uploaded a video to his account of instagram in which he cleared up the doubts. “Hello people. Many are asking me how I am”began facing the camera and true to his humorous style.

“The doctors told me that everything was fine, that there is no problem”Kun clarified, bringing peace of mind to his fans.

“Don’t worry, I’m still here”He finished, with his usual humor.

Since the doctors concluded that he could not play professionally soccer without there being any risk to his health, the Kun dedicated himself much more intensely to his facet of streamer and his businesses parallel to soccer. For this reason, it is common to see him near Ibai or Gerard Piqué in live broadcasts.

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