Maratea denounced threats on social networks for the collection in Independiente

Maratea denounced threats on social networks for the collection in Independiente

The influencer denounced in his networks that he received death threats after he revealed that he will keep a percentage of the million-dollar collection.

The influencer Santiago Maratea defended himself through stories on his personal account of instagram against the threats received by his detractors and attacked those who criticize him in the media for keeping 5% of the proceeds from the collection that he carries out in Independent.

“I am past violence, I feel that I am receiving too much violence. I want to share so that they know what I feel, how I handle it in the future”began maratea.

“The first thing I am going to say to all the people who are throwing shit at me and devaluing my work is that 95 or 99% of you, if you were in my place, would already be uploading stories crying and saying how much violence, 2023 and we are still so violent. I’m having panic attacks, think of my family who love me and are worried, they threatened me with death”he continued.

“Did you see the one who always cries? He sucks my p…, I’m not having anxiety attacks, neither am I going to be. the photo of the door of my house that they took from Google Maps. I want to start this little message telling everyone that, if they have time and can organize themselves, come to my house and suck my p…”expressed marateavery angry through the videos published in the stories.

However, he assured that the fans of racing have nothing to do with his complaints, but was addressed to the people who work in the media and for whom he considers as “failed”:

“Guacho, everything I do is always within the framework of the law. I am 30 years old, I do with my personality what is sung to me in the fifth lining of the o… I am not going to agree with what you think I should do. Less, if 90% of you are failures. Obviously not”hill.

So far, the collection that has been collected $600,001,411.68according to the last update you provided maratea on your official account Twitter.

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