Demichelis took charge of the rout that River suffered: “Sometimes they come out and sometimes they don’t”

Demichelis took charge of the rout that River suffered: “Sometimes they come out and sometimes they don’t”

The coach of River, Martin Demichelistook charge last night of the beating that his team suffered in front of fluminenseby 5 to 1, due to the changes made in the second half, which allowed the Brazilian team to comfortably take advantage.

In the plugin, fluminense scored 2 to 1 through the Argentine German Canowho had a dream night with a hat trick, and there Demichelis made modifications out of logic, very risky.

got into Jose Paradela already Pablo Solari by Emmanuel Mammana and Nicholas De La Cruz, the latter the best half of the field until then. In this way, he shaped a 3-4-3 with Leandro Gonzalez Pirez as a libero despite being reprimanded.

It was a risk that finally ended with an expulsion for the defender.

After that, River he did not find his way and ended up losing by 5 to 1, so that he made it clear that, this time, Demichelis made a bad decision.

“Sometimes changes come out and sometimes they don’t. I said it last week, in a good way. I take charge. I decided on Mammana because I had waited until the last moment due to a problem. And I chose to leave González Pirez because he has been having a problem. Great performance and he has experience, beyond the fact that he knew he had been reprimanded”argument.

He also added: “If I came to speculate, I would surely lose. I saw the last 15 Fluminense games and the teams that defended themselves lost. They are dominant, they have a hierarchy. It is true that five goals is a lot, but the games are defined by actions. It stayed with me that with that, 11 against 11, we compete against the best in Brazil”.

In this sense, he analyzed the performance of his managers in a press conference: “We had a great first half. We started the second half very well and they scored for us when we were at our best. With Leandro’s expulsion it was difficult for us to match them. I took away a central marker to put pressure on them with 6 in the rival field”.

Despite the defeat Demichelis He was confident that they will recover for the “Super classic” versus Mouthwhich will be held next Sunday.

“We have to turn the page as quickly as possible. We have to accept the pain and all the bad things that were done in the last 20 minutes. Our people are going to fill the stadium and we are going to dedicate a good game to them”hill Demichelis.

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