Paris fans berate Messi and ambush Neymar in front of his villa

Paris fans berate Messi and ambush Neymar in front of his villa
PSG fans protested in front of the office

At the top French club, the house blessing is currently drastically wrong: in addition to the disappointing 3-1 defeat against Lorient, the trip to Saudi Arabia and the associated suspension of superstar Lionel Messi also caused a stir.

On Tuesday evening, the first French media reported: Messi will be suspended for two games because of his unauthorized PR tour to Saudi Arabia. Since then, the PSG fans have been beside themselves. On Wednesday they insulted Messi in front of the club office and demanded his expulsion. But not only the Argentine was the target. The supporters also vented their frustration to PSG midfielder Marco Verratti and superstar Neymar. The two should leave the club. On top of that, the fans demanded the resignation of the board. A banner at the protest in front of the office read: “PSG, where are you, where are you going, can you hear me?”

“Neymar out!”

As if that wasn’t enough, many of the supporters continued to Neymar’s villa and raged against the Brazilian there. Among other things, with the chants “Neymar out!”

The club reacted that night and strongly condemned the action of the fans. “Regardless of the differences of opinion, nothing justifies such actions. The club fully supports its players, its staff and anyone affected by such shameful behaviour,” PSG said.

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