Gago highlighted Racing’s draw against Flamengo: “It’s very important”

Gago highlighted Racing’s draw against Flamengo: “It’s very important”

“The point achieved today is very important and not only because of how the game went, but also because of how it positions us in the group: as leaders and with the aim of continuing to seek qualification for the next phase of the Cup”indicated gago in a press conference that he gave after the 1-1 home game against the Brazilian team.

racing remains the leader of its area with seven units with two wins and one tie, while flamenco was second with four, while aucas and nublense they close with three each.

“We are willing and eager to continue growing and, although it can be seen more or less doors outward, it is seen doors inward and it is a great incentive. It is a pleasure to lead this group”detailed the ex-player of Mouthclearing up doubts about a possible departure from the club avellaneda.

“I don’t think there are changes in attitude from one game to another in the team. The attitude of this group is always the same, only sometimes things work out and other times they don’t”hill gagoabout the performance of their soccer players after two consecutive defeats in the Professional League.

Arias and his optimism after the draw against Flamengo

The Racing goalkeeper Gabriel Arias He stated that he was satisfied with the match played by the group of avellaneda and pointed out that “That is the way to go”.

“We knew that at one point we had to defend. That’s how we did it and very well because, at the same time, we attacked when we had to. This is the way to go, taking into account that we have two away games ahead of us”accurate arias.

On the other hand, the person in charge of defending the arch of “The Academy” referred to what remains to achieve positive results: “We continue to emphasize improving what we know needs to be fixed.”

“That was noticeable at times against a great rival. We must rescue the effort and dedication of the team, which had a lot of commitment even with one less player”hill.

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