Almirón went to pray at the Basilica of Luján before the “Superclásico”

Almirón went to pray at the Basilica of Luján before the “Superclásico”

In the last few hours, an image of the Boca coach praying in the renowned religious establishment in Luján went viral. The fans are excited in the networks.

Coach Jorge Almiron was in the Basilica of Lujan and a photo of him praying in the religious establishment went viral in the last few hours, especially from sympathetic users of Mouth who want the La Ribera team to beat River this Sunday and get a degree this year.

The DT of Mouth He went to the iconic church on Saturday morning and was photographed by a fan kneeling with his hands in a prayer position and wearing club gear.


The image went viral on social networks and users who sympathize with the auriazul team hoped to obtain the Libertadores Cupa trophy that Boca longs for a long time.

Meanwhile, some commented that after almiron went to the Basilica of Lujan, Mouth won, which is why the fans are excited that the La Ribera team will stay next Sunday with the Super classic in view of River.

Source: Ambito

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