Rosario Central thrashed Platense

Rosario Central thrashed Platense

Rosario Central thrashed Platens 4-0 with an overwhelming superiority, in an entertaining match for the fifteenth date of the Professional Leagueplayed in a packed Gigante de Arroyito stadium.

The goals were converted by Ignacio Malcorrapenalty kick, and Jaminton Campazin the first half, and for Alejo Veliz and Tomás O’Connorin the plugin.

Central Rosary He played better in the first half because he took possession of the ball and the field and, above all, he was forceful in the definition, to the extreme that he converted with his two clear arrivals.

At 10 minutes, Quintana cleared long from midfield, the ball stung near the visiting area and suso he gave it short of the head to the goalkeeper Macagno, who penalized Suitcase, who had beaten the defender in the pike and the goalkeeper one-on-one.

#Binance Tournament 2023 | Date 15 | summary of Rosario Central – Platense

And at 11 minutes malcorra He changed the penalty kick for a goal with a strong shot, low and to the left of the goalkeeper, which unleashed the first roar of Gigante de Arroyito, packed with more than 35,000 fans.

Meanwhile at 19 minutes ortiz faced the right of the attack, in three quarters of the field, enabled campaz down the middle and the Colombian midfielder dribbled Morgantini and took a furious left-footed shot, from about 30 meters, which entered above, near the left corner of Macagno, who only flew for the photo, in the second explosion of the first half.

Central Rosary He tried to maintain control of the ball and the exit from below before a Platense who went ahead and at times won the ball in the middle, although it did not come with any danger.

A separate paragraph deserves the arbitration of fernando espinozawho admonished malcorra for a foul from behind, but failed to apply the same penalty to Quiroga for an identical infringement on Montoya.

Platense reacted at the beginning of the complement and arrived with a good right hand from the admitted player Alexis Sabella from the left of the area, which failed to connect Quiroga and the ball crossed the six-yard box and went near the far post.

And on the next play, ismael cortezwith a good game, he won it down against Sabella on the left tip, touched with giaccone and the offensive midfielder put it just right for the lonely pique of Suitcase by the right of the area, who punctured it to macagno and converted the second great goal of the golden afternoon for the “scoundrel” fans.

The game was literally over, although Central lost the fourth three times: at minute 42 “Coyote” Rodríguez won from the left, campaz left him alone and the Paraguayan broke the hands of Macagno, who saved the corner.

at 43 minutes Cortez he kicked from outside the box near the left post. and to the o’connor left him alone campaz on the left, who instead of puncturing it like Suitcase it burst Macagno’s hands.

Until Central Rosary scored the fourth in the second minute of injury time when campaz sent a cross passed from the left, the Uruguayan candia nodded towards the middle and Tomás o’connor He corrected, also with a header, and sealed the 4-0 scoreline, which once again electrified the “rogue” fans at the Gigante de Arroyito.

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