San Lorenzo visits Banfield with the mission of staying close to River in the Professional League

San Lorenzo visits Banfield with the mission of staying close to River in the Professional League

San Lorenzo, second eight units behind the solid pointer River Plate, will be a visitor to Banfield, where he will begin his fifth cycle as DT Julio Falcioni, in one of the games to be played today in the continuity of date 16 of the Professional Soccer League (LPF).

The match will be played at the Florencio Sola stadium, in Banfield, from 6:00 p.m., with ESPN Premium television, refereeing by Fernando Echenique and the presence of Jorge Baliño in the VAR.

San Lorenzo, led by Rubén Darío Insúa, has 29 points, somewhat far from River (37). that gets good results.

San Lorenzo has the second record for the longest home unbeaten fence in history, surpassed only by Racing from 1917/18 (in amateurism) with 1,320 minutes with a clean sheet.

The last time the Insua team conceded a goal while playing in their stadium was on September 18, 2022, scored after 40 minutes by Emanuel Mammana in River’s 1-0 win.

At Banfield, 24th. With 15 units, Javier Sanguinetti’s stage as DT ended with just one win (against Central Córdoba) in the past seven dates, and the call and hiring of Falcioni, historic DT that led him to the title in Apartura in 2009, was generated.

Falcioni, who since his last time in the South led Independiente and Colón on two occasions, will have his fifth cycle at “Taladro”. The first between 2003 and 2006, the second between 2009 and 2010, where he won his only title, the third between 2016 and 2018 and the fourth between 2019 and 2020.

The records indicate that in 108 matches, San Lorenzo has achieved an important advantage of 46 wins against 31 and 31 draws.

= Probable formations =

Banfield: Facundo Cambeses; Matías Romero, Emmanuel Olivera, Aaron Quirós and Pedro Souto; Eric Remedi, Alejandro Cabrera and Brahian Aleman; Juan Francisco Bisanz, Milton Giménez and Ignacio Rodríguez. DT: Julio Cesar Falcioni.

San Lorenzo: Augustus Battle; Rafael Pérez, Federico Gattoni and Gastón Hernández; Jalil Elías, Carlos Sánchez, Agustín Martegani and Malcom Braida; Ezequiel Cerutti, Adam Bareiro and Nahuel Barrios. DT: Rubén Darío Insúa.

Referee: Fernando Echenique.

VAR: Jorge Balino.

Court: Banfield.

Starting time: 18:00.

TV: ESPN Premium.

Source: Ambito

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