Ice Hockey World Championship: Austria lost the start against France in overtime

Ice Hockey World Championship: Austria lost the start against France in overtime
Austria’s national team (Oliver Achermann in the picture) just lost out against France.
Image: GEPA pictures/ Daniel Goetzhaber (GEPA pictures)

Captain Thomas Raffl (47th) equalized France’s lead through Tim Bozon (20th / PP) with a majority, Sacha Treille also made the decision after 39 seconds of overtime but also on the power play.

Austria lost again against one of two competitors in the fight for relegation. Since Austria’s 6-0 in Prague at the 2004 World Cup, France has now won four World Cup games against the ÖEHV squad. Head coach Roger Bader’s team continues on Sunday evening (7:20 p.m.) against the almost overwhelming opponent Sweden.

Bader had expected a game at eye level. In front of 7,626 spectators in the Nokia Arena, Austria did not get off to the best start at the World Cup. The French, half equipped with legionnaires from Switzerland, Germany and North America, put the ÖEHV team under forechecking, David Kickert was soon required. The Austrians’ first power play almost resulted in 0:1, but Justin Addamo, who came from the penalty box, was unsuccessful against the Salzburg keeper. The French continued to set the pace and were rewarded at the end of the first period.

First, David Reinbacher, watched by NHL scouts, had to go to the penalty box, followed shortly afterwards by Bernd Wolf. Kickert saved the people in front of him with two saves against Alexander Texier, who was back in the NHL in the future, when he was 3:5 outnumbered. Just as Reinbacher came off the bench, Bozon hit Bozon 31 seconds before the end of the third. Dominique Heinrich, sorted out at Salzburg, almost equalized seconds before the siren with Austria’s best chance, but failed after preparatory work by Raffl at France’s goalie.

Austria had to catch up, only managed it to a limited extent. France continued to deliver a more compact performance, were more present in the duels and created opportunities to make it 2-0. In the middle of the second third, the red-white-red came up a bit. Dominic Zwerger looked for the end, then the conspicuous Mario Huber took the stage, Reinbacher was unlucky in chasing. Six minutes before the third break, Oliver Achermann took a hard penalty. Austria had to do hard work, but came close to equalizing outnumbered. Ali Wukovits launched a counterattack, but Manuel Ganahl did not put enough pressure on the target after a pass from his teammate.

An offense by Texier paved the way for the Austrians to have a long majority in the final section. The striker checked Heinrich, who was kneeling in front of him, against the rink and had to go into the dressing room with a game penalty. The five-minute power play didn’t go to Bader’s taste at first, before Peter Schneider used his Salzburg colleague Raffl ideally. The 36-year-old stayed cool in a one-on-one against France’s Sebastian Ylonen and converted under the bar. The remaining time in the majority passed harmlessly again.

The 1:1 gave Raffl and Co. a boost. Mario Huber found Marco Rossi, who was completely free, in front of the goal, but the Vorarlberger couldn’t place the disc. In a game that was now open, Austria’s point win was once again in serious danger. Rossi had to go to the penalty box 1:37 minutes before the end after a stick hit, Ganahl followed him after a check. Austria had to fear 52 seconds in the 3:5. Kickert briefly lost his racket, then the puck hissed centimeters past the goal. In overtime, France hit the bar before a shot deflected by Treille found its way past Kickert.

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