Boca beat Belgrano and takes a breath in the Professional League

Boca beat Belgrano and takes a breath in the Professional League

Boca Juniors defeated Belgrano, from Córdoba, 2-0 for the 16th date of the Professional League and returned to the path of victory, in what was the third victory for coach Jorge Almirón in the Bombonera

The goals were converted in the second half, at 3 minutes per Martin Payero and at 8 for Dario Benedetto.

“Pipa”, who reappeared after being torn for 21 days, scored his first goal this season in the League, the previous one having been against Aldosivi on October 9 in a 2-1 victory.

In this way, the last Argentine champion recovered from his defeat last Sunday in the superclassic against River Plate, on the hour, by 1-0, in which he had three expelled and two players who reached the limit of yellow cards.

Beyond the absences, Boca achieved a fair and clear victory, because his performance went from low to high, he showed moments of good play in which they stood out Luis Advinculaagain in his new position as attacking right winger, Christian Medina as central midfielder and payero as internal.

#Binance Tournament 2023 | Date 16 | Summary of Boca – Belgrano

Faced with a rival that has just risen but is nonetheless one of the surprises of the tournament, since it is fighting for the top positions in the Professional League, the game’s resolution came at the start of the match with two scoring flurries, the first with the “necessary ” Collaboration of the visiting goalkeeper Hernan Losada.

Precisely in the first six minutes, nothing more than the second stage, Boca went 2-0, a strong shot from payero outside the area that Losada missed and a good collective move that ended with a low cross from advíncula that connected by the left sector Benedict.

From then on, all of the locals were more confident, who were able to increase their advantage against “Pirata”, who was far from their level.

Of course, to reach that moment in the dawn of the complement, an initial stage first passed that was not at all similar to the second, since then the level of the game went from low to high and that depended more on the evolution in the domain of the locals before a Belgrano who waited crouched to put a counter.

The first 25 minutes of those directed by Jorge Almiron were more similar to the end of the previous cycle of Hugo Ibarra than the style that the new coach who took over just a month ago wants to give him.

Mouth dominated the match, but the permanent “touching” of his midfielders, with Medina as a central midfielder, he ran out of depth and did not hurt the Cordovan team, while those led by William Farre they insinuated to be able to reach the arch of Sergio “Chiquito” Romerofirst with a deflected header and then with a missed shot from the scorer paul vegetti a few meters from the arch.

But a play woke up the “xeneize” at 27 minutes and it was the first appearance of benedict in the match, when with a crossed pass he enabled sebastian villa left and he executed the center back that payero, Alone, he will finish high entering the small area.

That was the clearest arrival of Mouth in that time and the reaction blow so that from the inconsequential touch he passed to the mobility of payero and Romero to facilitate the arrivals of advíncula and he also returned Frank Fabra.

Mouth was more and they had it benedict and figal headlong into the area, but the net of the Cordovan goal would not shake until the start of the second period.

Now, for the 17th. date of the Professional League Boca will face Argentinos Juniors on Friday at the Diego Maradona from 9:30 p.m. and Belgrano will play the classic at home against Talleres next Sunday from 3:30 p.m.

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