The unusual explanation of Demichelis to put Rondón: “Against Hurricane it worked”

The unusual explanation of Demichelis to put Rondón: “Against Hurricane it worked”

River’s coach surprised everyone with a severe change in the team that came from beating Boca: taking out a key piece like Aliendro to put the Venezuelan, even over Borja, which gave him the victory in the “Superclassic”.

Minutes after the 2-1 defeat against workshops in CordovaOwn Martin Demichelis stood in front of the microphones and explained why he didn’t play Rodrigo Aliendro, which was the first question of the press conference. The DT drew a parallel from the tactical point of view with the 3-0 against Hurricanewhere he played Rondon and scored his only goals in River. The detail is that that time alien yes accompanied Enzo Perez on the axis.

“The choice not to put Aliendro was because we saw that Talleres plays similar to the tactic that Huracán used against us: defending 4-4-2 and when they have it, 4-2-3-1. We saw that they broke a lot at It was time to start. The team started five against five. We wanted to defend in that situation with six players and steal with Nico (De la Cruz), Nacho (Fernández) and Esequiel (Barco) plus the two wingers playing hand in hand to make damage”held Demichelis.

“With Huracán it went well and today it didn’t work out, but we were convinced of the system because they didn’t have a lot of pressure in the middle, they broke down a lot. We trained him during the week and it went well, but the truth is told on the day of the game and Talleres won “River coach added to his explanation.

The question that arises is if Demichelis underestimated this game after winning the “Super classic” to Mouthsince it is clear that this enthusiastic workshops who fights the championship is not at all the same as the Hurricane that he faced on April 9 and comes from changing his DT due to bad results.

what he thought Demichelis was completely reversed, since workshops pressed a lot in the midfield, exposing the bad setback of River and his defensive errors (with the balance that gives him alien, that would not have happened). At the same time, he was never able to capitalize on the offensive weight of having two center forwards and Rondon He had a very bad game, with no chance of scoring.

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