After the deadly crash drama from Kicker Sala: the club demands more than 100 million euros

After the deadly crash drama from Kicker Sala: the club demands more than 100 million euros
Memory of Emiliano Sala
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Argentina striker Emiliano Sala died in January 2019 at the age of 28 in a plane crash over the English Channel. He wanted to go to Cardiff to sign a contract with the then Premier League club. His releasing club, the French first division club Nantes, and the Welsh have long agreed: the transfer should have gone through 17 million euros.

Four years later, the Welsh are now demanding an unbelievable sum from the French: As “WalesOnline” reports, the British second division club is suing the club from the French Ligue 1 in a civil court for up to 200 million euros.

The background: After the drama, a real transfer dispute escalated between the football clubs as to whether Cardiff actually had to pay the 17 million to Nantes. The responsible sports courts ruled in favor of the French, whereupon FIFA asked Cardiff to settle the outstanding amount.

Objections by the Welsh have so far been unsuccessful, but now they are apparently going on the offensive. As the French “L’Equipe” reports, Cardiff is now demanding 100 million euros from Nantes. Compensation is wanted for “losses incurred”, it is justified. In addition, the Welsh would accuse FC Nantes of “damaging reputation”, it is reported. Cardiff also had an analysis carried out, according to which Sala would have scored the necessary two points to stay up. Cardiff also insists that “FC Nantes must be held accountable for the accident” because the trip was “organized by their agents”.

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