Kun Aguero struck down Lugano for criticizing the National Team

Kun Aguero struck down Lugano for criticizing the National Team

The former striker of the National Team Sergio Kun Aguero described as “unnecessary” the statements of the retired celestial defender Diego Luganoand accused him of “bad milk” and to want “ghost” and “look for controversy”.

Omencurrent streamerdid not remain silent before the declarations of luganowho said that the team of lionel scaloni He was benefited by the penalties that he was awarded in that contest.

in dialogue with Star+the also ex-forward of the FC Barcelona He asserted that it is “a quite unnecessary comment. If you want to draw attention a bit and fantasize… well, each one thinks what they want but they are turning against the people of Argentina“.

Along these lines, he added: “It is a fart commentapart from messing with the people of Argentina, knowing that between Uruguayans and Argentines we get along well. It’s like I say that it’s good that Uruguay has not received the penalty [ante Ghana]. All the Uruguayans are going to bitch me…”.

for the idol of Manchester City, to say that “4 of the 5 penalties were not, it is a lot. At most one did not go”, taking the assertions of Lugano.

“It is to seek controversy and be rude,” he reproached him and asserted that in the FIFA “They won’t be happy if you’re badmouthing the refs.”

“He complains but he was invited to the World Cup. If you tell me that a Brazilian said it, it’s normal, because between Brazil and Argentina there is always pica. But between us, we are the classic of the Río de La Plata and there is not as much anger as there would be with Chili”, he evaluated.

“It happens that everyone wants to win Argentina. She stayed horny because Uruguay they did not charge him the penalty before Ghana“, hill.

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Abreu’s vision on penalties

lugano He was not the only one to enter into the controversy. He is also an idol from Uruguay and a former striker for San Lorenzo and River Plate, Sebastián Abreuagreed with his partner.

“If you do an analysis of some penalties, they were charged here and not in others. The penalty of the final say mary is not, and the Messi neither with Poland”, he affirmed.

For the now coach of César Vallejo University of Peru“It’s like in the 90s and 2000s, when the big teams came out champions and in pivotal matches there was a red card against the rival or a penalty.”

He also considered that this was happening due to “the pressure, relevance and importance of the players.”

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