Referee Deniz Aytekin explodes, Thomas Müller takes it with humor

Referee Deniz Aytekin explodes, Thomas Müller takes it with humor

Emotions ran high for referee Deniz Aytekin after the game between FC Bayern and RB Leipzig. He elicited a grin from Thomas Müller.

Deniz Aytekin is considered one of the best football referees in Germany, who is also available for a clear announcement on the pitch. And obviously not only there, as he proved after the Bundesliga top game between FC Bayern and RB Leipzig. After Bayern’s 3-1 defeat, Aytekin had a small outburst of anger before an interview.

ZDF had asked the referee to talk to him about controversial scenes during the game – in particular the 1-1 equalization of Leipzig, before which there should have been a foul. The 44-year-old’s horses ran away for a short time. Above all, he attacked the ZDF referee expert Manuel Graefe: “In this stadium nobody talks about the referee. Nobody! And Manuel Graefe sits in Berlin with his 180 kilos and talks such shit.”

Referee Deniz Aytekin attacks Manuel Graefe

Background: The former Bundesliga referee Gräfe repeatedly criticizes the performance of the German referees and the appointments of referees in important games on ZDF and on Twitter. That has bothered many in the DFB for a long time. “It’s starting to go against the grain. It’s crazy! And then I’m supposed to stand up and talk some shit about a pluck. It’s crazy, it has nothing to do with sport. The game was decided by the players. Me I’m at 180, sorry,” Aytekin continued to rage.

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His emotional outburst was heard widely in the interview zone. Also for Thomas Müller, who just wanted to give an interview to a broadcaster, but this was delayed by Aytekin’s volume. The Bayern player took it with humor in his typical way: “I like to listen,” he said with a wink – and grinned: “The 180 were definitely used twice.”

Deniz Aytekin apologizes for the choice of words

After a short time everything calmed down again: Aytekin gave his interview, as did Müller. The move by the Leipzig player Haidara against Bayern’s Leon Goretzka before the equalizer was “simply not enough”, the referee justified his decision in the game.

At “Bild” Deniz Aytekin explained his freak out the morning like this: “I would like to apologize for the choice of words. That was over it. We went to the dressing room after the game and were happy to have survived this important game without making a mistake . Then there’s a knock on the door and ZDF wants an interview because Manuel Graefe wants to have seen two mistakes. I was just angry and I was out in this emotional state.”

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