Ancelotti asked to “take drastic measures” for racism against Vinicius

Ancelotti asked to “take drastic measures” for racism against Vinicius

“This has to stop. It happens to us every day. It happens to many others, to Vini but to others. They call him son of a bitch, faggot, let your father, your mother die… It’s not a war, it’s a sport It is the moment, we have a great opportunity to stop this”affirmed Ancelotti this Tuesday, before the match of the real Madrid against him Vallecano Ray on Wednesday, in which Vinicius he will be suspended following the red card he received on Sunday.

“It is an important moment to take drastic measures. The institutions have opportunities, especially now, to take radical measures on this important issue,” insisted the Italian coach.

“For me, it’s a moment that has to work for everyone. We want to turn this situation around, everyone, it’s very bad for everyone, we like football, we love it, we hope it’s as clean as possible… We’re waiting Let’s see what happens. Taking measures is the most normal thing for me. Here I look at the federation and LaLiga, and the intelligence of football fans, and education, above all, the education of each one”, he explained.

Ancelotti’s strong release

“Condemning is not enough. We have started condemning a long time ago. After condemning, you have to act, and so far no action has been taken. It is a problem of racism and also of insults. There are countries where they do not insult you. In England they do not They insult you, because they resolved this issue a long time ago, in 1985, when they were excluded from European competitions, that’s where they resolved this case. In English league matches there are no police,” he said, comparing Spain with England.

“Here, it seems that they are going to war, you have a van in front, on the side, on the other side, in the back… What is this? In England, this issue has been resolved long before, taking drastic, very drastic measures “, denounced ‘Carletto’, who also attacked the anti-racist protocol “obsolete” of the League Spanish.


“The protocol is obsolete, I think so. The protocol had to be applied when the bus arrives at the stadium, because that’s where the insults started. Two hours before the game, and it was not an isolated case. One from Valencia said it was a case isolated. Sure, there weren’t 46,000 people, but there weren’t one or two. The protocol has to start there. If you start the protocol at minute 70, you’re wrong, you have to start it two hours before the game, and then during the match match”, said the experienced coach.

According to ancelotti“Spain is not racist, I also have to say that, but there is racism in Spain, yes, as in other places, and this has to end. Let everyone do their own thing.”

For his part, Viniciuswhat is “a little sad” According to his coach, he did not participate in the collective session this Tuesday in valdebebas because he had “a discomfort in the knee”.

“He has had a blow, today he has not been able to train. Now we are going to see the sanction he is going to have, we will evaluate giving him days off or not. If there are two games, I am going to give him a week off, and if it is only one game, no, he will start training to be ready for the game in Seville”, on Saturday, he explained ancelottipending the decision of the federation’s disciplinary commission.

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