BVB: “Real love” again: Terzic in the footsteps of Klopp

BVB: “Real love” again: Terzic in the footsteps of Klopp

BVB has worn out five coaches since the dream marriage to Jürgen Klopp. Now it seems that an equivalent replacement has finally been found. If the championship coup succeeds on Saturday, a new era could begin.

In Dortmund, the “real love” for home Borussia is back.

For the first time since the blissful times under the direction of Jürgen Klopp, Edin Terzic, a football teacher, succeeded in awakening great passion among the fans and in filling the leitmotif of the Revierclub with life again. The 40-year-old seems to be well on the way to stepping out of the long shadow of the former cult figure. With a win on Saturday (3:30 p.m. / Sky) against Mainz, he could inherit today’s Liverpool coach as BVB master maker.

The longing for a new liaison between the team and the grandstand was one of the reasons why Terzic succeeded Marco Rose last summer. Slowly but surely it dawned on him that this mission could be successfully completed in a few days: “I’m happy about that every day. That I can see many boys and girls with BVB jerseys running through the city again. And that flags are hanging in the front yards again .”

Celebrated with chants

Local color and closeness to the people have paved the way for Terzic to win the hearts of Dortmund fans. Unlike his prominent predecessors such as Thomas Tuchel, Lucien Favre or Rose, he is now celebrated with chants. Full of anticipation for magical moments, Terzic swore his pros to the title showdown on Saturday against Mainz after the potentially decisive 3-0 win in Augsburg.

“I’m sure the boys can buy anything. The next car, the next expensive holiday. The next house,” he commented in his own way, “but what they can’t buy is this moment, next week to come to the stadium”.

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