Gambia’s tight 2-1 win over France

Gambia’s tight 2-1 win over France

By date 2 of group F of the FIFA – Sub 20 World Cup – Argentina 2023 tournament, Gambia climbed the standings this Thursday by defeating France 1-2 at home. The goal of the match for the locals was scored by Wilson Odobert (15′ 2T). While the away goals were made by Mamin Sanyang (22′ 2T) and Banhie Zoukrou (12′ 1T, against).

Gambia defender Alagie Saine squandered a chance to increase the lead after missing a penalty in the 56th minute of the second half.

Mamin Sanyang was the figure of the party. The Gambian striker scored 1 goal.

Another important player in the match was Wilson Odobert. The France midfielder was the author of 1 goal and shot on target 2 times.

With a dirty game, the game played between both teams stood out. There were a large number of cautions: Florent Da Silva, Thérence Koudou, Haruna Njie, Bakary Jawara, Alexis Tibidi and Mansour Mbye.

France coach Landry Chauvin suggested a 4-4-2 strategy with Yann Lienard in goal; Brayann Pereira, Check Keita, Banhie Zoukrou and Jordan Semedo on the defensive line; Soungoutou Magassa, Alan Virginius, Martin Adeline and Wilson Odobert in the middle; and Malamine Efekele and Florent Da Silva in attack.

For their part, those led by Abdoulie Bojang stopped with a 4-5-1 scheme with Pa Ebou Dampha under the three sticks; Bakary Jawara, Dembo Saidykhan, Alagie Saine and Sainey Sanyang in defense; Haruna Njie, Mahmudu Bajo, Ebrima Singhateh, Muhammed Jobe and Salifu Colley in midfield; and Adama Bojang up front.

The judge selected for the match at the Mendoza World Cup was Juan Calderón Pérez.

France will host Honduras on the next day. Likewise, Gambia will play as a visitor against the Republic of Korea.

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