Madness on the rise: they savagely attacked Nicolás Morgantini, defender of Platense

Madness on the rise: they savagely attacked Nicolás Morgantini, defender of Platense

The player suffered multiple injuries and a broken septum after being attacked by Estudiantes de Caseros fans. He had gone to see his friend, and representative of Chacarita, Gianluca Pugliese.

He Platense defender Nicolás Morgantini suffered multiple multiple injuries and a septal fracture after being savagely attacked outside the stadium hometown city where had he gone to see the match between Students from Buenos Aires and Chacaritateam where his former teammate and friend plays Gianluca Pugliese.

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The footballer was in the sector where the relatives and leaders of the San Martín club were located and, according to partisan media reports, in addition to the beating received by the fans of the institution of Caserosto the Morgantini family All his belongings were stolen.

While, Platense reported that the player is hospitalized for observationunder the treatment of the club’s medical staff and accompanied by relatives and leaders, while requesting that those responsible for the unfortunate episode are sought and that there is an exemplary sanction.

At the moment, there is no clarification of the terrible episode and it is expected that in the next few hours the authorities will take action on the matter.

Platense issued a statement

“On the afternoon of this Sunday the player Nicholas Morgantini was savagely attacked as he left the Club Atlético Estudiantes stadium, where he went to see and accompany Gianluca Pugliesefriend and also a footballer from our institution, on loan at the club Chacarita Juniorson the occasion of the match that these clubs held this afternoon in Caseros”.

“Morgantini suffered the fracture of his own bones of the nose and multiple polytraumatisms because of the aggression received. He is hospitalized for observation, under the care and treatment of our club’s medical staff, as well as accompanied by directors of our institution along with his family.”


“From Club Atlético Platense we strongly repudiate what happened and we demand that the corresponding measures be taken in the face of such a serious episode,” warned the “Calamar” board of directors.

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