The IGJ declared the Maratea trust by Independiente irregular

The IGJ declared the Maratea trust by Independiente irregular

“Ineffective and irregular” were the words used by the organization to describe the contract that carries out the collection of the Avellaneda club.

The General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ) declared as “ineffective and irregular” the trust of santi marateathe influencer who promotes a collection to pay off the club’s debts Independentand requested that the Department of Judicial Affairs of the body appoint a judicial controller “urgently.”

The IGJ once again pointed out irregularities in the trust, after weeks of doubts and rumors about the formation of the contract: the agency once again points to the registration of the trust in the Public Registry of the Association of Notaries of the Province of Neuquén, given that Independiente has headquarters in the province of Buenos Aires and Maratea address in the City of Buenos Aires.

Independent Maratea


The resolution also warns the “exorbitant” sum received in point of “expenses and fees” by the members of the trust and “for the alleged benefit” of Maratea. In addition, they criticized the fact that Mercado Pago, the means used for collection, is only a “payment provider” but not a financial entity.

In this way, only those trusts that are held in the district, whose assets are there or when the people that comprise it have domicile in that province can be registered.

So far, the collection that has collected $800,088,048.20according to the latest update provided by Maratea on his official Instagram account.

The IGJ investigation on Maratea

At the beginning of May, the IGJ had summoned Maratea to submit a copy of the trust within two business days, where he had to deliver the documentation requested by the inspection body.

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The problem, at that time, arose from the registration of the trust made in Neuquén since the lawyers of Independiente and Maratea assured that their legislation was “friendlier” to do the necessary paperwork. However, from the IGJ they considered that this decision was irregular and that they should review it.

In addition, the procedure was carried out before a College of Notaries, which makes the trust “private”when, in reality, its registration should be made in the Public Registry.

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