Tottenham, with world champion “Cuti” Romero, beat Bournemouth in the Premier League

Tottenham, with world champion “Cuti” Romero, beat Bournemouth in the Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur, with world champion defender Cristian “Cuti” Romero as the starter, and Rosario’s Giovanni Lo Celso entering a few minutes before the end, beat Bournemouth 2-0 today as a visitor, and was at the top of the Premier League English, in the continuity of the third date.

The match was played at the Vitality Stadium in Borunemouth, a town located 170 kilometers from London, and the goals for the “Spurs” were the work of James Madison at 16 minutes into the game, and the Swede Dejan Kulusevski at 62.

Everything belonged to Tottenham in the first stage, possession of the ball and chances to score against an opponent who did not risk too much and opted for a counterattack.

The London team achieved the advantage after an excellent pass from Senegalese Pape Sarr to Madison who entered the area and with a right touch beat the Brazilian goalkeeper Neto, 34 years old and former Atheltico Paranaense, Juventus from Italy and Barcelona from Spain.

In the second half, Bornemouth improved, but the visit defined the game 2-0 after a notable overflow from the Italian Iyenoma Udogi and the definition of Kulusevski.

At 74 minutes, “Gío” Lo Celso entered Tottneham to replace Yves Bissouma from Ivory Coast, while Marcos Senesi, the former defender from San Lorenzo and Feyenoord from the Netherlands, was among the substitutes at Bournemouth.

The date will continue as follows:

. Today:

. At 11 Arsenal-Fulham (ESPN and Star +); Brentford-Crystale Palace (Star+); Everton-Wolverhampton (Star +) and Manchester Uinted-Nottingham Forest (Star +).

. At 12:30, Brigthon-West Ham (ESPN and Star +)

+ tomorrow

. At 10, Burnley-Aston Villa (Star +) and Sheffield United-Manchester United (Star +)

. At 12:30, Newcastle United-Liverpool (ESPN and Star +).

– Positions: Tottenham Hotspur 7 points, Brighton, Manchester City and Arsenal Brentford, Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham 4; Newcastle, Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Nottingham Forest and Manchester United 3; Bournemouth 1; Luton, Burnley, Sheffield United, Wolverhampton and Everton 0.

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