Lois Höller starts his next victory in Fuglau

Lois Höller starts his next victory in Fuglau
Alois Höller was celebrated by the fans in Pocking.
Image: (Boxleitner)

Rallycrosser Alois Höller bridged the short summer break with a few show laps on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Bavarian Speedway route of MSC Pocking. On September 2nd and 3rd, the man from Götzendorf would like to follow up in the fight for the national championship title in Fuglau. “I really threw the car into the corners with the handbrake and was able to pull through the drifts for a long time,” laughed the Mühlviertler after the demo laps on the Speedway track in Pocking near Passau.

Motorbikes usually drive in circles on the dirt track. Alois Höller was invited by the organizer as a guest of honor and offered the visitors a spectacular show. The event also served as preparation for the next championship run in the Rallycross Championship, which will again take place in the Waldviertel MJP Arena near Horn. Victory in the last race in July saw the Rubble Master driver put himself back in contention for the state championship title. Now the next triumph is coming.

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